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Deveti sklop besedišča

V zgornjem desnem zavihku ("Naloge") boste našli BREZPLAČNE interaktivne vaje za poglavje:
"Deveti sklop besedišča"

1) start-up
Definicija: n. - a new business, normally an internet business
Primer rabe: I worked for a small start-up internet business which sold French antique furniture in the UK.
Prevod: novoustanovljeno podjetje

2) economically/commercially feasible/viable
Definicija: adj. - a business or project which is or is considered to produce a profit over a given period of time
Primer rabe: ABC Limited has closed down its Swiss arm/operation because it is no longer commercially viable.
Prevod: tržno izvedljivo

3) B2B (business-to-business)
Definicija: adj. - between two companies (as opposed to between a company and a customer), normally referring to sales activities conducted on the internet
Primer rabe: Income from B2B activities grew during the final quarter of 2007.
Prevod: B2B

4) B2C (business-to-customer/consumer)
Definicija: adj. - between a company and customer/consumer (as opposed to between two companies), normally referring to sales activities conducted on the internet
Primer rabe: B2C sales increased during Q1 2009.
Prevod: B2C

5) gross profit
Definicija: n. - total income less the cost of selling goods and services
Primer rabe: Our gross profit for 2009 was $25,754.
Prevod: kosmati dobiček

6) to invest
Definicija: v. - to put money into a business, venture, project, structure, instrument etc. from which it is hoped a profit will be generated
Primer rabe: ABC Limited is looking for a bank willing to invest in several R&D projects.
Prevod: investirati, vložiti

7) property
Definicija: n. - something recognised in law as being owned by an organisation or person
Primer rabe: The company has a portfolio of properties throughout London.
Prevod: premoženje

8) lucrative
Definicija: adj. - profitable
Primer rabe: Real estate is currently a very lucrative business in China.
Prevod: donosen

9) return on investment (ROI)
Definicija: n. - the profit made on an investment
Primer rabe: ROI allows investors to monitor how successful their investments are.
Prevod: donosnost naložbe (ROI)

10) payroll
Definicija: n. - wages paid to employees; a list of all employees receiving a salary
Primer rabe: The accounting department updates the payroll every month to add new employees and delete employees who have left.
Prevod: plačilna lista

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