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Kadrovska = Human Resources Department

To poglavje je namenjeno vsem zaposlenim v kadrovskem oddelku, ki pri svojem delu uporabljate tudi angleščino.

Uvajajo ga osnovne besede prisotne ob zaposlovanju (employer, employment contract), katerim sledi besedišče potrebno pri usposabljanju (to train, on the job training), označevanju vrst dela (full-time job, permanent work), opisovanju njegovih značilnosti (manual labour), plačevanju (productivity bonus, overtime pay), odpuščanju (to lay off, severance pay) in še bi lahko naštevali.

Kadrovska – Deseti sklop besedišča

    1) personnel department, also human resources (HR) department Definicija: n. – the department within an organisation that deals with employee and employment issues Primer rabe: The responsibilities of the HR department include all disciplinary, salary and pension matters. Prevod: kadrovski oddelek, oddelek za človeške vire 2) headcount Definicija: n. – the number of people working […]
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    Kadrovska – Deveti sklop besedišča

      1) compensation for permanent disability Definicija: n. – a payout for injuries caused at a place of work which prevent further employment. Primer rabe: He received compensation of £50,000 for a permanent disability caused by the faulty machinery. Prevod: nadomestilo za trajno invalidnost 2) disability pension, disability benefits (also incapacity benefits) Definicija: n. – regular […]
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      Kadrovska – Osmi sklop besedišča

        1) job description Definicija: n. – a written document setting out the responsibilities and duties of an employee based on their role in the organisation Primer rabe: I am applying for this job as engineer as the job description looks interesting. Prevod: opis delovnega mesta 2) full-time employment / job, to work full-time Definicija: n. […]
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        Kadrovska – Sedmi sklop besedišča

          1) to lay off Definicija: v. – to make somebody redundant; to stop employing someone, usually because there is no work for them to do Primera rabe: The tractor factory laid off 600 staff due to increasing competition from China. They laid off 50% of the workforce. Prevod: odpustiti (navadno zaradi pomanjkanja dela) 2) to […]
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          Kadrovska – Šesti sklop besedišča

            1) holiday (UK), vacation (US), to be on holiday Definicija: n. – time other than weekends when an employee does not work, often implies that the person travels away from home Primer rabe: Employees are given 20 days of paid holiday each year. Prevod: dopust, biti na dopustu 2) public holiday (UK), national holiday (US) […]
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            Kadrovska – Peti sklop besedišča

              1) labour disputes Definicija: n. – when management and employees disagree with the policy, action or decision of an organisation Primer rabe: Labour disputes are common during times of economic hardship. Prevod: delovni spori 2) labour force, manpower Definicija: n. – a description of the number of people able to work Primer rabe: The UK […]
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              Kadrovska – Četrti skop besedišča

                1. to pay Definicija: v. – to give money to someone for their work Primer rabe: The company pays its employees on the 21st of each month. Prevod: plačati 2. wage Definicija: n. – payment for labor or services to a worker, especially by the piece or on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. Primer […]
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                Kadrovska – Tretji sklop besedišča

                  1. to be still vacant (about a job) Definicija: n. – the job is still available Primer rabe: The position of manager is still vacant because there are no suitable candidates. Prevod: biti še vedno prost 2. vacancy – vacant position Definicija: n. – a position/job that is not currently occupied Primer rabe: You should […]
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                  Kadrovska – Drugi sklop besedišča

                    1. employment agency Definicija: n. – a company that identifies employees who are potentially suitable for jobs offered by other organisations Primer rabe: Most marketing jobs are advertised by employment agencies. Prevod: agencija za zaposlovanje 2. to apply for (e.g. a job) Definicija: v. – to request something, usually officially, especially by writing or sending […]
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                    Kadrovska – Prvi sklop besedišča

                      1) employer Definicija: n. – the person or company someone works for Primer rabe: I have a good relationship with my employer. Prevod: delodajalec 2) employee Definicija: n.- a person who works for an organization or for another person in exchange for money Primer rabe: Google has grown to more than 10000 employees worldwide. Prevod: […]
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