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Osmi sklop besedišča

V zgornjem desnem zavihku ("Naloge") boste našli BREZPLAČNE interaktivne vaje za poglavje:
"Osmi sklop besedišča"

1. cheque (UK)
Definicija: n. - a printed form on which the account holder writes an amount of money and to whom it must be paid. The bank then transfers this amount to that person or organisation.; to write out a cheque; in the USA the spelling “check” is in usage
Primer rabe: I wrote a cheque out to my landlord for £100.
Prevod: ček

2. to issue a cheque
Definicija: v. - to write out a cheque (normally by an organisation)
Primer rabe: ABC Limited will issue you a cheque if you overpay your bill.
Prevod: izdati ček

3. bearer cheque
Definicija: n. - a cheque which can be paid in by any person, not just the person stated on the cheque
Primer rabe: ABC Limited issued a bearer cheque to the company for payment of the invoice.
Prevod: ček na prinositelja

4. cheque book
Definicija: n. - a book containing detachable/removable cheques
Primer rabe: You will automatically receive a new cheque book when you have finished your old one.
Prevod: čekovna knjižica

5. to cash a cheque
Definicija: v. - to receive cash in exchange for a cheque
Primer rabe: I received a cheque for my birthday and cashed it straight away.
Prevod: vnovčiti/izplačati ček/denarno nakaznico

6. traveller's cheque (UK) / traveler's check (US)
Definicija: n.-amedium of exchange that can be used instead of money. They enable a safe way to carry currency abroad.
Primer rabe: I am travelling abroad and have to obtain traveler’s cheques.
Prevod: potovalni ček

7. rubber cheque
Definicija: n.-a cheque for which there are not sufficient funds available; also called a bounced cheque
Primer rabe: In some countries like India issuing a rubber cheque is a criminal offence.
Prevod: ček brez kritja

8. paying-in slip
Definicija: n. - a paper document used to pay money into a bank account
Primer rabe: You must fill out a paying-in slip to deposit a cheque into your account.
Prevod: obrazec za polog/nalog za vplačilo

9. EOD
Definicija: abb. - end of the working day (writing only)
Primer rabe: Don't forget to send your sales figures by EOD.
Prevod: zaključek delovnega dne

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