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Pokličite nas

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  • 30-dnevna garancija na zadovoljstvo

    30-dnevna garancija na zadovoljstvo

  • Brezplačna poštnina pri pošiljkah nad 50€

    Brezplačna poštnina pri pošiljkah nad 50€

  • Pošiljke oddajamo vsak dan

    Pošiljke oddajamo vsak dan

  • Vse za angleščino na enem mestu

    Vse za angleščino na enem mestu

Povezovanje delov prezentacije

  1. Starting the presentation
    Why you are giving this presentation
    Stating the main points
    Introducing the first point
    Showing graphics, transparencies, slides etc.
    Moving on to the next point
    Giving more details
    Changing to a different topic
    Referring to something which is off the topic
    Referring back to an earlier point
    Summarizing or repeating the main points
    Let's start/begin with ...
    I'd like to expand on this aspect/problem/point
    Let me go back to what I said earlier about ...
    The purpose of this presentation is ...
    I'd like to turn to something completely different
    I'd like to recap the main points of my presentation
    I'd like to illustrate this by showing you...
    Now let's move on to ...
    I'd like to digress here for a moment and just mention that ...
    The main points I will be talking about are
    The topic of my presentation today is ...
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