Pokličite nas

Pokličite nas

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  • 30-dnevna garancija na zadovoljstvo

    30-dnevna garancija na zadovoljstvo

  • Brezplačna poštnina pri pošiljkah nad 50€

    Brezplačna poštnina pri pošiljkah nad 50€

  • Pošiljke oddajamo vsak dan

    Pošiljke oddajamo vsak dan

  • Vse za angleščino na enem mestu

    Vse za angleščino na enem mestu

Dopolnjevanje z besedami/besednimi zvezami

Sledijo povedi, ki jih slišimo med pogajanji. Dopolnite jih s sledečim besediščem: call his bluff, neutral ground, parties, probing, negotiator, counter-proposals, final, get down, background, purpose.

    • After 20 hours of negotiations, the negotiating 
    •  finally reached an agreement. 
    • I must say Marko is a very tough  
    • I’d prefer meeting on  
    • . How about Hotel Lev? 
    • I suggest you to try creating a relaxed atmosphere and then  
    •  to business. 
    • As you all probably know, our main  
    •  today is to decide on payment conditions. 
    • When starting negotiations it is nice to give a  
    •  to the negotiations. In this way you can remind people about the main issues. 
    • Negotiations involve proposals and offers from one side, as well as  
    •  from the other side. 
    •  in negotiations means asking the right questions and listening carefully. 
    • Don’t be surprised when someone is bluffing. You can try to  
    • I’m sorry, but this is our  
    •  offer. Take it or leave it. 
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