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Šesti sklop besedišča

V zgornjem desnem zavihku ("Naloge") boste našli BREZPLAČNE interaktivne vaje za poglavje:
"Šesti sklop besedišča"

1) media
Definicija: n. - means of mass communication that may or may not carry advertising e.g. TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, the internet; also used as an abstract noun to denote the media as an industry or sector
Primer rabe: I work in the media.
Prevod: mediji

2) media research
Definicija: n. - the act of studying one or more media in order to understand how a product or service can be best marketed
Primer rabe: I am involved in media research, focussing on the internet, to understand how our product can reach a wider audience.
Prevod: raziskava medijev

3) mass media
Definicija: n. - means of communication targeting the mainstream audience (newspapers, TV & radio)
Primer rabe: We are targeting this campaign at the mass media.
Prevod: množični mediji

4) (media) hype
Definicija: n. - intensive publicity for something or someone; exaggerated claims made in advertising; also to hype (up)
Primer rabe: There was much hype in the press about Tony Blair's forthcoming memoirs.
Prevod: kričeča/lažna reklama, medijski direndaj

5) audiovisual (a/v)
Definicija: n. - the use of media which normally communicate information both visually and using sound; also adj.
Primer rabe: Audio-visual advertising is considered more effective because is targets two senses simultaneously.
Prevod: avdiovizualen

6) jingle
Definicija: n. - a melody, normally short, simple but catchy, used in order to promote a product or service
Primer rabe: Whenever I see an ABC chocolate bar, I always start singing the TV jingle to myself.
Prevod: glasbeni vložek

7) feature
Definicija: n. - a characteristic of a product or service
Primer rabe: This new mobile phone has many positive features.
Prevod: značilnost

8) eye-catching
Definicija: adj. - something that particularly attracts a person's attention; v. - to catch somebody's eye
Primer rabe: The new adverts for ABC toothpaste are very eye-catching.
Prevod: vpadljiv, pozornost vzbujajoč

9) drive time
Definicija: n. - the time when most commuters are driving in their vehicles, either to or from their place of work. Advertising costs on radio increases during this time because the listenership is larger.
Primer rabe: Sales of the new car cleaner tripled after ABC Radio played the ads during drive time.
Prevod: čas v dnevu, ko se največ ljudi vozi

10) advertising slot
Definicija: n. - a specified time allocated to something, e.g. an advert during a broadcasting schedule
Primer rabe: The most expensive advertising slots are during peak viewing hours.
Prevod: reklamni premor

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