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Prvi sklop besedišča

V zgornjem desnem zavihku ("Naloge") boste našli BREZPLAČNE interaktivne vaje za poglavje:
"Prvi sklop besedišča"

1) advergaming
Definicija: n. - the practice of inserting advertising within video games to promote a product or service
Primer rabe: Advergaming is now a popular way of advertising goods.
Prevod: oglaševanje preko iger

2) advertising
Definicija: n. - one-way mass communication about a product or organization that is paid for by a marketer
Prevod: oglaševanje

3) advertising campaign
Definicija: n. - a series of related advertisements focusing on a common theme, slogan, and set of advertising appeals
Primer rabe: Our last advertising campaign was very successful.
Prevod: oglaševalska kampanja

4) channel
Definicija: n - a means of communicating, e.g. television, radio, newspapers etc.
Primer rabe: It is important to select the right communication channels to market this product.
Prevod: kanal

5) cooperative advertising
Definicija: n. - an arrangement or technique to advertise something where the retailer and manufacturer share the cost of advertising the product
Primer rabe: We often deploy cooperative advertising techniques to sell our goods.
Prevod: skupno oglaševanje

6) institutional advertising
Definicija: n. - advertising design to promote the company itself instead of one or more of the company's products and services
Primer rabe: Our company works with major corporations on institutional advertising to help manage their image.
Prevod: korporativno oglaševanje, oglaševanje ustanove

7) advertising appeal
Definicija: n. - the enticement of a product or service due to advertising
Primer rabe: The aim of this campaign is to increase its advertising appeal.
Prevod: oglaševalski apel

8) frequency
Definicija: n. - regularity, the number of times something happens during a specific period
Primer rabe: In advertising, the frequency of exposure to a product is key to ensure its success.
Prevod: pogostost

9) promotion
Definicija: n. - communication by marketers that informs, persuades, and reminds potential buyers of a product in order to influence and opinion or elicit a response; also v. - to promote
Primer rabe: We often use celebrity endorsements to sell our products,
Prevod: promocija

10) promotional strategy
Definicija: n. - a plan for optimal use of the elements of promotion: advertising, public relations, personal selling, and sales promotion
Primer rabe: We have developed a promotional strategy to sell the product range.
Prevod: promocijska strategija

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