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Tretji sklop besedišča

V zgornjem desnem zavihku ("Naloge") boste našli BREZPLAČNE interaktivne vaje za poglavje:
"Tretji sklop besedišča"

1) agreement
Definicija: n. - an arrangement between two or more people, companies, organisations, nations etc; it may be verbal and/or formalised in a legal document
Primer rabe: ABC Limited and the Client have signed an agreement regarding future co-operation.
Prevod: sporazum

2) (pre)condition
Definicija: n. - something required for the performance of something else
Primer rabe: Payment of the deposit is a pre-condition for delivery of the goods.
Prevod: (pred)predpogoj

3) venue
Definicija: n. - a location or jurisdiction where a legal dispute will be resolved, normally in court
Primer rabe: London was chosen as the venue for the trial.
Prevod: kraj sojenja

4) to warrant
Definicija: v. - to give formal assurance; to guarantee
Primer rabe: Manufactureres only warrant their products if they have adequate insurance cover in place, normally product liability.
Prevod: jamčiti

5) copyright
Definicija: n. - the exclusive right to reproduce or copy material in a public medium, including electronic, often a literary or artistic piece of work
Primer rabe: We cannot publish extracts of the book because it would be a breach of contract.
Prevod: avtorske pravice

6) to determine
Definicija: v. - to influence
Primer rabe: The final price shall be determined by the costs incurred and total man hours.
Prevod: določiti; odločiti;

7) appendix
Definicija: n. - additional material contained in a separate section at the end of a contract, often containing schedules, catalogues, price lists etc.; also an annex
Primer rabe: The price list is contained in Appendix C.
Prevod: dodatek; dopolnilo

8) article / clause
Definicija: n. - a statement or a series of related statements regarding a contractual provision
Primer rabe: See clause 13 of the contract for more information on the cancellation policy.
Prevod: klavzula

9) assurance
Definicija: n. - guarantee;
Primer rabe: We give our assurance that the services agreed in the contract will be delivered on time.
Prevod: jamstvo

10) cancellation
Definicija: n. - annulment; stopping; also v. - to cancel
Primer rabe: The service may be cancelled with one month's notice.
Prevod: odpoved

11) to terminate
Definicija: v. - to end
Primer rabe: Either party may terminate the contract by notifying the other party in writing.
Prevod: razveljaviti

12) discharge
Definicija: n. - the completion of a contract or contractual obligation is called discharge; also v. to discharge
Primer rabe: ABC Limited has discharged all its contractual duties.
Prevod: prenehanje pogodbenega razmerja (z izpolnitvijo);

13) arbitration
Definicija: n. - where a dispute, normally contractual, is heard by a third party, an alternative to seeking resolution through the courts; to refer a case, dispute etc. to arbitration
Primer rabe: We have been unable to resolve this dispute amicably so we are referring it to arbitration.
Prevod: arbitraža

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