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Prvi sklop besedišča

V zgornjem desnem zavihku ("Naloge") boste našli BREZPLAČNE interaktivne vaje za poglavje:
"Prvi sklop besedišča"

1) to draw up
Definicija: v. - to write a legal document
Primer rabe: I have asked the lawyer to draw up draft contracts.
Prevod: sestaviti, napisati

2) standard (contract)
Definicija: adj. - typical, normal (of a contract)
Primer rabe: Our lawyer has drawn up a standard contract which we use for our private customers.
Prevod: standardna (pogodba)

3) to enter into a contract
Definicija: v. - to sign a contract
Primer rabe: According to our records, ABC Limited entered into this contract on 5 June 1995.
Prevod: skeniti pogodbo

4) disclaimer
Definicija: n. - a statement which excludes liability for a specified action
Primer rabe: Official emails from ABC Limited include a legal disclaimer at the bottom.
Prevod: zavrnitev, zavrnitev pravice ali odgovornost

5) party
Definicija: n. - the person(s) or organisation(s) forming one side of an agreement
Primer rabe: Primer rabe: The contractual parties may terminate the contract at any time with three month's notice.
Prevod: stranka

6) small print
Definicija: n. - detailed provisions of a contract, often in standardised consumer contracts and written in small print; implication that potentially unfavourable terms and conditions are 'hidden away in the small print' to discourage people from reading them
Primer rabe: Consumers are advised to read the small print before signing the contract.
Prevod: droben tisk

7) terms (often also terms and conditions)
Definicija: n. - conditions or stipulations
Primer rabe: The terms and conditions governing use of our software can be found our website at www.abc-software.com
Prevod:pogoji (pogosto tudi pogoji in določila)

8) to obligate
Definicija: v. - to bind legally or morally
Primer rabe: ABC Limited is obligated to deliver the goods within 7 days of payment being received.
Prevod: obvezati

9) obligation
Definicija: n. - something that a person or organisation must do, often a contractual obligation
Primer rabe: The contractual obligations on ABC Limited are onerous.
Prevod: obveza

10) to stipulate
Definicija: v. - to specify as an essential condition; n. - stipulation
Primer rabe: The contract does not stipulate the deadline by which the works must be completed.
Prevod: določiti

11) rights
Definicija: n. - powers or privileges given by an agreement or law
Primer rabe: The rights and duties of both parties are set out in detail in the contract.
Prevod: pravice

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